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Alicia M. K. Power CD(DONA)
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Meet Alicia

Hi! I am a certified birth doula centered in Cedar Park, Texas. I was trained by DONA International in September, 2019. I have supported over 60 births so far and continue to serve families in the greater Austin area. My standard service package fee is $1,050 for a full range of birth doula services. This includes prenatal and postpartum visits in addition to support during your labor and birth. Please see my SERVICES below for more details. Please note that I can accommodate individual needs with a sliding scale fee. Additional discounts are offered to repeat clients.

My path to becoming a doula began in 2014 with the birth of my first child. It was then that I learned the value of a positive birth experience. My next two children taught me how unique each birth could be.

In early 2019, I served in the role of doula to another birthing person for the first time. That experience showed me how important a caring, sensitive, and knowledgeable support system is during childbirth. I knew I had found a calling and I discovered DONA International.

Who I Serve

I recognize birth as a key life experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. I also feel that everyone deserves that experience to be a positive one. So I aim to be as inclusive as possible in my practice. This means that I will support you whether your birth place is in your home or in the operating room. Regardless of how much pain medication or personal rituals you seek to use, I will support you. This also means that I will support you however you define yourself or your family. As your doula, I have no personal agenda, and I vow to do all I can to nurture and protect your memory of this powerful event.


Prenatal Visits

After beginning our relationship with a free consultation, I am committed to the wellbeing of your growing family. I will visit you at least twice in your home for our prenatal visits where we will become more comfortable with each other and discuss your birth plans and desires.  I will provide you with resources that will help you carry out your plans. Additionally, I will be available whenever needed by phone, text, or email.

Labor and Birth

I will be on call for you for the two weeks before and after your due date and I will join you once you begin active labor. As certified birth doula I will be able to offer you many comfort measures throughout your labor and I will remain by your side. I believe that every person is entitled to a positive birth experience and I will strive to provide you with the emotional and physical support you deserve during this special occasion.

Postpartum Support

The support I offer does not stop at the birth of your child. In addition to having access to my services directly following the birth, I will arrange a postpartum visit with you during your child’s second week. At this meeting I will be able to provide you with resources that you might be needing. And as one of the few people that will be present for your entire labor and delivery, I will help you reprocess the experience at this time.


“My husband and I decided to hire a doula when we found out we were expecting our first child, for additional support as we were new to the US after recently moving from the UK. After speaking with Alicia for the first time we were sure she was the right doula for us. We loved her impartial approach to birth preferences and that she backed her advice with science-based evidence, alongside her being calming, supportive and knowledgeable. Alicia was always available to answer any questions we had during the pregnancy and made us feel really well prepared and informed for the birth and postpartum. However, no amount of preparation could have prepared us for labor beginning during the worst snow storm in Texas for decades! Alicia went above and beyond to support us during a long and difficult labor, and afterwards. We truly believe choosing her as our doula was the best decision we could have made. We cannot recommend Alicia highly enough and we are very grateful to have had her there with us at the birth of our son.

~ Emma

“Working with Alicia was a great experience. As a first time mom I had many questions and concerns about giving birth. Alicia was informative and thoughtful throughout the entire process. She eased my worries and made my birthing experience more peaceful and pleasant. She advocated for me and offered amazing support from the first introduction email to the final push at the hospital. You could not be in better hands. I highly reccomend Alicia for any mom to be seeking support.”

~ Joyce

“I wasn’t exactly sure how a doula would help but hired Alicia based on hearing from people how helpful a doula would be. I could not be more grateful that I did! I’m not super crunchy and chose Alicia because she seemed really neutral and evidence based in her approach. Alicia was amazing throughout the process. I didn’t take any sort of birthing class and Alicia walked me through everything that I could expect, decisions I would need to make, managing pain, etc. I felt way more informed and empowered as a result of our first meeting. Following my birth, Alicia checked in regularly on me and my baby who was in the NICU. She also provided me with advice and resources postpartum and even brought me homemade lactation cookies. Alicia really helped me have a more positive and enjoyable birth experience even amid some stressful  changes to the birth I hoped to have. I would highly advise anyone to use a doula and if Alicia is available, to hire her!

~ Bonnie

“I had the most positive birth experience with Alicia! This was my second pregnancy and absolutely nothing was going according to plan. Alicia’s research background and calming presence helped ease my anxiety and gave me a peace of mind that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. My baby was breech from 33 weeks and I was terrified of a cesarean birth. Alicia spent time with me doing Spinning Babies techniques to help my daughter turn and checked in on me multiple times a week. She walked me through what a natural birth and a cesarean birth would look like, showed me comfort techniques, and relayed real birth experiences. And that was all before delivery! The day of the birth, Alicia was my biggest supporter and advocate! During delivery, Alicia helped calm my nerves with her gentle presence and touch. Although I feared the worst, this birth experience was beautiful and more perfect than I thought possible. I am so thankful for her and will definitely be working with her for my next baby. ”

~ Katie

“Alicia is an incredible doula and we are so grateful she was part of the birth of our second child. We had a lot of trauma and anxiety after a difficult birth experience with our first child, so we wanted to do everything possible to make our second birth a more positive and empowering experience. It was clear from our first meeting with Alicia that she was a perfect fit for our vision for this birth. She provides the perfect blend of sensitive and compassionate emotional support and practical, evidence-based advice. I especially appreciated that Alicia has an extensive background in science and uses it to inform her practice. Overall, my son’s birth was as close to my vision of a perfect birth as I could have possibly hoped for. It was an empowering and healing experience, and having Alicia as our doula played a huge role in making it so positive and joyous. I would strongly and enthusiastically recommend Alicia to anyone looking for a doula.

~ Sarah G

“Alicia was an absolute blessing to us. This being my fourth child, but first baby born in Texas, was a little overwhelming, especially since I had a doctor that was not supportive of my wishes to have another natural birth. Having no family here to help us with our toddler, and me having anxiety about being alone led us to consider a doula for the first time and I am so grateful to have been matched with Alicia. She was so knowledgeable and supportive on every level. She showed us all genuine care and comfort through my pregnancy, labor, delivery and post-partum care. She was with me through every contraction, comforting me through each one and cheering me on with every push. She encouraged me to be brave and reminded me that I have the right to be heard and my voice matters; that it is MY birth. With her by my side, I managed to have my birth wishes met, despite a very pushy doctor and felt a care and understanding that I wish I had been given with my other 3 births. We were so grateful to have her by my side during such a vulnerable moment.”


“I labored overnight and struggled to stay centered and focused since all I could think about was sleep…but I vividly remember Alicia gently pressing on my brow to help relax my face during and between contractions and this small, small thing had a huge impact. It reminded me to breathe, to release my apprehension, and ride the wave. This is just a simple example of how in-tune Alicia was to the situation and what my needs were–I couldn’t have known before labor or during that something like that would’ve been helpful to me, but it was. Alicia was part of the picture perfect labor and birth of my son, and I am forever grateful.”

~ Sarah E

“We found Alicia on Doulamatch. She was the first one we interviewed, and even after we left my fiancé asked if we needed to even interview anyone else, we liked her and felt a connection instantly. Alicia is kind, calming, knowledgeable and made us feel like our opinions were valid and offered any information on anything we had questions about. We are first time parents, and she helped us know what to expect and has just been a wonderful support for both myself and fiancé. During delivery she made me feel empowered and again was just a calming strong presence that both myself and my fiancé needed. I’m extremely grateful for her and loved having her as a part of our sons birth.”

~ Stephanie

“The Covid19 pandemic hitting Travis County happened to line up with the final weeks of my pregnancy. I was so excited that we had a doula to support us this time around and was devastated that tightening visitor restrictions might prevent us from getting that in person support I really felt like I needed. Almost miraculously, we were able to have Alicia Power from Birth Power Doula Services there with us for the whole 22 odd hour ordeal. She was absolutely incredible. I handled the pain and emotional ups and downs so much better this time around. I felt so much less fearful and so much more confident in my decisions for myself. In a country, particularly a state, where our maternal outcomes are abysmal, these providers are invaluable if you can access them.”

~ Claire

“Having babies can be unpredictable and stressful, but Alicia was supportive and helpful through my entire experience. When it came time to birth my twins, Alicia was there by my side and assured me that everything was going to be okay. I credit her a lot for getting me through my crazy pregnancy and delivery, and I recommend her to anyone. Calm, passionate, resourceful, reliable, and knowledgeable are but a few of Alicia’s qualities that make her the fantastic Doula that she is.”

~ Rachel

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